Morning Cigarette

and I see a couple.. Pure grunge and simplicity wrapped underneath torn hoodies and disheveled band t-shirts. They both nod at me, almost approvingly, as they stroll past hand in hand.

They are a memory.. someone I once was and am often lost in reverie of being once more.

I think of the days when love was filled with small sharpie drawings on our hands, paper airplanes with unanswered questions scribbled within their folds, and looking into shop windows with dreams of a future we can share.

And my day is covered in sticky notes and ink, it’s all the same..

I am left wishing for you to share this moment with me.



The Beginning

of anything is always an intense feeling. Emotions are something I am incredibly familiar with and I am always ready to delve face-first into them. I made this blog to.. spew out my life’s journey and the adventures that lie ahead of me. At times, I’m sure, this blog will make you laugh and the next moment it may tear at your heart strings.

That describes me perfectly, come to think of it.

I am sporadic and an utter complicated mess. I don’t know if anyone will read this, and if you are, welcome! This is the beginning of my bullshit. I am sure you will want to stay tuned because my life story is..

actually quite unremarkable.