I stand earnestly, yearning for the glistening ribbons that give me life to tumble over the mountainside.

The wind whips against my face, my hands clench into fists and release once more. The cold air biting against my sweaty palms. I’m shaking, fear gripping my heart. This is a pain I have never known.. just waiting for the sunlight to give me strength.

My feet are planted, like thinly boned roots barely gripping the ground. My legs tremble and my chest barely rises and falls. My heart beating so softly I don’t even notice the blood pumping through my veins. I don’t feel alive.

I’m wishing. I’m waiting.. for the sun.

It’s just there, isn’t it?

It has to be.. don’t I see a faint glimmer? Isn’t that the horizon?

All at once, I realize my eyes are closed.

But why am I not warm? I feel afraid to open these baby-doll blue eyes.

I’m terrified.

Someone will them open.

For I cannot.



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