Don’t you just love the first snow?


Photo is my own and is not to be used without my expressed permission.


I don’t know if I am just the typical Coloradan girl; enamored with mountains and deep carved trails leading to nowhere or if the first snow truly is adrift with magic?

There was a time when I was single, carefree, just hitting my early twenties with pupils aglow at the brilliance of nature. I don’t mean to sound as if I have turned into some haggard, bitter woman in her late 20’s. After all, how does a few years do that? It doesn’t. Youth just has a special feeling unlike any other. There was always a spark then. I feel as if my twisted life kept it from ever fully igniting, but, there was a special glimmer when winter would finally rear it’s head.

Especially when I would rush to my apartment window with a dog hot at my heels to see the first flakes of snow slowly fall to the ground.

I would pace for a moment, just a moment… before abruptly whistling for my dog and rushing to my unkempt closet. I would grasp at tattered hoodies, hurriedly flip through snow-pants that had gathered dust, and twisting a favorite scarf around my neck. Satisfied with my impromptu outfit, I would jump into boots and snatch up a leash. I was off to embrace the enchantment of the season change.

There were fleeting moments along the trail that I felt as if I were between two worlds.

Between fall and winter, at a standstill of emotion that only nature evokes.

Did you ever feel that?


Photo is my own and is not to be used without my expressed permission.


I will always say that it is the smallest things that make up our lives. Living between two worlds is invigorating. It’s an experience that is fleeting, a moment that you have to reach out and claim before it passes.

There are not many things in this world like the first snow of the year. Where death overtakes as far as the eye can see in a clean white sheet.

Have you ever wandered the freshly dusted trails where all color is fading? Where a smile curves your lips with the knowledge that in just a few months time…

rebirth will revisit us all.


Photo is my own and is not to be used without my expressed permission.


Have a blessed winter.


Photo is my own and is not to be used without my expressed permission.






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